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Bloomin’ Human

I was raised by a network of strong females and the older I get, the more I realise how privileged I am to have had so many role models in my upbringing. With that growing appreciation, I have an expanding list of florists that I use, especially now I’ve flown the nest and am at an age where it’s no longer socially acceptable for me to pick flowers from a neighbour’s garden.

Bloom & Wild have been a favourite of mine in recent years, to begin with, it was because of their ‘Letterbox Flowers’, which meant whoever I sent them to didn’t return home to the dreaded red missed parcel slip instead of enjoying a thoughtful gesture. Then I began to watch this start-up grow into a brand that I genuinely adore due to their product, service and most importantly: authenticity. This was demonstrated to me no so more so than a few weeks ago when I received the below email from them:

Want to opt-out of Mother’s Day emails? No problem. Hello Fiona, I wanted to get in touch as I know that Mother’s Day can be a very sensitive time for some of us. So if you don’t want us to send you any Mother’s Day reminders this month, we won’t. Just let us know by opting out here. Then we’ll do the rest. And don’t worry, if you opt-out we’ll still keep you up to date with everything else, like normal. Best wishes.”

When it landed in my inbox, it made me sit back and think ‘why has no one else done this?’. We all know someone to whom Mother’s Day isn’t just fighting to book a Sunday roast in a ‘mid-way’ location between you and your siblings, or spending your lunch break wondering why card prices are now more than a coffee. It’s the reminder of a loss, a struggle or a situation that you don’t want to be reminded of at every turn or refresh.

So why has a seemingly obvious piece of marketing had such an overwhelmingly positive response?

Because it’s human. It’s understanding that one size doesn’t fit all and if you treat your customer with the compassion you would a friend, you might just make them a buyer for life.

Now, on behalf of all those who’ve recently gone through a break-up, can we have an opt-out for Valentine’s Day too?