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Brands We Love – HR Tech pt ii

Last year we shared our first in a series, telling you about some of the companies that we believe are paving the way for HR process automation, and using technology to improve employee experience and well-being.

It’s now been a few months since the initial list of brands we wanted to give a shout out to, and we’ve got a whole new group to introduce…


Speak up, safely.

I first heard about All Voices on the Pretty Big Deal Podcast when Sophia Bush, actress turned activist, spoke about her support for the start-up and her personal struggles reporting sexual harassment in the workplace. One point really stuck with me from the conversation, many people believe (rightly or wrongly) that as HR are employed by the company, their interests lie with the organisation, not the individual.

The AllVoices platform allows employees to anonymously report harassment, bullying, bias and other misconduct directly to senior leadership within their company. It then tracks actions the HR department take in response to the incident and provides real time insights as to what is actually going on within an organisation, without the employee feeling exposed to repercussions.

They’ve recently raised $3m in seed funding, have plans to make a free version of the service and companies such as GoPro, Wieden + Kennedy and Instacart already using the platform as part of their developing HR processes.

#1 Reason we love AllVoices? It’s holding companies accountable to protect their workforce

Recite Me

Believing in Accessibility for All

Recite Me is a cloud based web tool that allows customers and clients to engage with your website in a way that works best for them, whether that’s through enlarged text/images, screening reading, a toolbar dictionary or colour adjustments.

Worldwide, currently 1 in 5 people are disabled, 15% have dyslexia and 4.2m speak English as a second language. If we apply this to recruitment, think of how many potential employees may never have applied to a job at your company, because the information was not as easily accessible to them as another website.

As founder Ross Linnett says “Job opportunities are nearly always digital-first, and online application forms and skills assessments are now standard parts of the recruitment process.”

By adding a tool like Recite Me to your website, it’s creating a more inclusive candidate experience or customer journey, and who wouldn’t want that?

#1 Reason we love Recite Me? It’s breaking down digital barriers for the one billion people globally with a disability.


Where works gets done

There’s no denying it, work from home is here to stay, so rather than sitting there longing for the office buzz or relying on willpower to pull yourself out of a productivity slump – starting using digital tools that enable these things to happen.

Focusmate was founded out of a desire for accountability, after its Creator, Jacob, quit his corporate job to go freelance and struggled with adjusting to working from home by himself (something I think we can all relate to..)

The concept is pretty simple, it connects you to other professionals for a live co-working session with your new ‘accountability partner’, based on behavioural science research that regular human connection reduces your likelihood to procrastinate or become distracted.

In their most recent survey, 95.5% of users reported a significant increase in productivity, and we don’t think that’s an uplift to ignore.

#1 Reason we love Focusmate? It’s rebuilding all the benefits of office interactions, digitally.