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Author: Hawkwood

How 13 months of relative isolation changed me

By now you’ve all read how you should still shower and brush your teeth in the morning (wait…what?), so this article will focus on another side of sustained remote working. Specifically, my personal journey of self-knowledge gained through relative isolation from March 2016 to April

What Windows 95 can teach us about leadership

One of my favourite pieces of trivia is that the start-up chime of Windows 95 was written by composer Brian Eno. It was arguably one of the most played short sounds the world heard until the Apple Macintosh gong entered our day to day lives,

Why People Want to Work for a B-Corp

B Corporations are for-profit companies that not only have a social mission but have concrete ethical and sustainable means of conduct. The initiative started in 2007 over in the US, with brands such as Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s becoming certified B-Corps soon after. Since

Turning Work Into Art

The guy who cleans my flat is called Chris. Chris turns my blankets in to swan sculptures. He leaves chocolates on my bed. He notices a dead light bulb and replaces it. He bills us for 4 hours but stays for 5. When faced with

Solving The Mystery of IR35

Blanket contractor bans sent tremors through the market, but others need not follow suit. In fact, savvy companies could pluck contractor talent from their paranoid competitors if they are prepared to navigate the incoming legislative changes. Let’s just remember that this new legislation is about

What Dating Teaches us About Employer Branding

Things like this… …make me really sad. On the one hand, they’re trying really hard… …on the other hand, they’re not trying at all. You see, it’s all about intent. The intent here is purely to lure eyeballs. Eyeballs that might just get someone to their “Careers” page, in