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Author: Hawkwood

Bloomin’ Human

I was raised by a network of strong females and the older I get, the more I realise how privileged I am to have had so many role models in my upbringing. With that growing appreciation, I have an expanding list of florists that I

3 Ways to Survive a Start-Up Sh!t Storm

When you join a start-up, you expect setbacks occasionally. Unless you’ve been very miss-sold a dream, you don’t expect it all to be $400M funding rounds and scaling up, whilst moving around the office on hover boards. The roller-coaster is why you left your 9-5

Brands We Love – HR Tech

Until recent years, HR was seen as something slow-moving, admin heavy and unprogressive. However, companies are now starting the realize the potential of a people-first business and new technology has been developed to enable HR functions to keep up with the growing demand for streamlining