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Market Updates

Bringing Recruitment In-house; why do it?

For years, ambitious businesses have been building Internal Recruitment functions as a way to reduce recruitment costs and enhance the quality of their hiring process. This short article will summarise their motives for doing so in greater detail to help you decide if this approach

How to move from Agency Recruitment in to HR

In 2009/2010, the number of Recruitment Consultants in London almost halved. To what extent this will repeat itself in 2020/2021 isn’t yet clear, but without question the mass exodus has already begun and only the furlough support has prevented yet more heading for the exit;

Solving The Mystery of IR35

Blanket contractor bans sent tremors through the market, but others need not follow suit. In fact, savvy companies could pluck contractor talent from their paranoid competitors if they are prepared to navigate the incoming legislative changes. Let’s just remember that this new legislation is about

Brands We Love – HR Tech

Until recent years, HR was seen as something slow-moving, admin heavy and unprogressive. However, companies are now starting the realize the potential of a people-first business and new technology has been developed to enable HR functions to keep up with the growing demand for streamlining