People & Talent Interview Scorecards

January 31st, 2023 | < 1 Min Read

Interview scorecards are an excellent way of ensuring candidates are assessed objectively, free of bias, and that every facet of the role is fully covered. Likewise, when it comes to the latter stages of the hiring process, interviewers can compare their scores and debate any large differentials, helping to arrive at a consensus.

The challenge for many of our start-up clients, is that they have never hired, nor interviewed, a People or Talent Acquisition professional before, so they are unclear as to how to formulate a comprehensive, fit-for-purpose interview scorecard and, as such, interviews can become a series of informal conversations; devoid of thorough assessment.

In light of this, at Hawkwood, we have published the scorecards we use internally and you are free to use them when conducting your own interviews. Please read the text section at the top of the scorecards for instructions as to how best to use them.

Talent Acquisition Candidate Scorecard: here 

People Operations Candidate Scorecard: here

We hope you find them useful and if you require more formal assistance with your Head of People or Head of Talent Acquisition hire, please get in touch!

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