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If you are interested in HR opportunities with some of the most exciting Technology, Media and Creative brands then you’ve found the right place!
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Hawkwood believe that candidate care is the lost art of the recruitment world. We try really hard to keep our promises to you which includes regular application updates (no news is still news!), CV feedback, detailed interview preparation and proper market insights.

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Investing time in nurturing our candidate base doesn’t leave much space for other stuff, so we do have devote all of our effort to the candidates we’re best placed to help. Many of our clients request industry-relevant experience from us so please don’t be offended if we can’t support you; we’ll gladly recommend other agencies who can!

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Just before you browse our range of jobs, we’d just like to highlight the example CV we’ve prepared below. This format is based on feedback from our clients so it may help you when drafting yours!
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